She’s beginning to shine

When we got back from our holidays, my husband and I suddenly found ourselves no longer with a baby but a little human. Suddenly our baby was learning to crawl and walk, fully capable of sitting up by herself, mumbling ‘dadada’ and giving us a glimpse of her character and personality… and she’s not even…… Continue reading She’s beginning to shine

To cry or not to cry that is the question

As a new mum, you always wonder and read up on things related to parenting because you’re not sure what’s normal or not and what’s right or wrong. However, I’m slowly learning and have the confidence to trust my instincts now. So when I got woken up at 4:00 am each night for the past…… Continue reading To cry or not to cry that is the question

It doesn’t come naturally

One of the more common questions I get asked nowadays is whether or not Isla is still being breastfed. The answer is yes, but no way near as frequent as before and nor does she prefer it as much as she does; solid food. I want to share that I’m proud to be able to…… Continue reading It doesn’t come naturally

Watch, wait, wonder

I had my first therapy session of 2018 today. Mentally, I’ve actually been feeling really good and more in tune with myself. Remembering to take my medication daily helps too. Trying to explain to someone when you feel off I’m sure; is different for everybody. But for me; when I am spiralling I often subconsciously…… Continue reading Watch, wait, wonder

Stage 9 clinger…

This past month Isla has become very aware of people and the environment around her to the point that she has developed a very strong sense of separation anxiety and stranger danger. She just always wants me to be close and much to my dismay doesn’t want anyone else to hold her. I used to…… Continue reading Stage 9 clinger…

And we are back!

I’ve been quiet as I’ve been away for most of December and then there was Christmas and New Years! So first and foremost; wishing you all a very belated Christmas and a happy new year! Well what can I say? Travelling with an infant was no easy feat, I took on the advice of many…… Continue reading And we are back!

Flu flu go away (7 months)

Isla is now 7 months, I almost forgot actually because I’ve been so tired from looking after her and myself and trying to maintain abit of order in our house since the whole fam is run down by the pain in the ass called flu. So I managed to snap up a photo of sick…… Continue reading Flu flu go away (7 months)